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3 Certainties to Improve Your Life

I know that trusting someone with your story feels vulnerable. I have been sitting across the room from people like you for over 10 years and I ground myself in a practice that provides a pathway inwards and outwards.  I want to share with you some of the ways your life will improve by signing up for a life that includes healing and growth.

You will have the chance to learn something new about yourself

Every single question I ask you is purposeful.  The researcher part of my brain is always turned on and I ground my assessments in the awareness that “you always need a reason to collect data.”  I am guided by a belief that during our sessions my questions provide an important road map towards new understandings and shifts in perspective.  That’s the balance between science and intuition and something that I know is one of my unique offerings as a counselor.  I feel equally as committed to “evidence based” practice as I do to trusting my intuition.  You’ll experience a mix of both, and through this process there is much to learn.

 I will “see you”

I was working with a coach once who asked me to come up with a phrase for a billboard on the busiest highway for as many people as possible to see.  The words came out of my mouth before she even finished asking the question.   It’s something I wish for every person I meet whether in my practice or just in life and it’s simply:  “I SEE YOU.” Here’s my pledge, for the 60 minutes we sit together I will focus all of my attention on your story and on you.  I start every single day with a simple mantra: “pay attention and good intention” and it reminds me that whatever I will face during the day, I will do so with my full attention and with only good intentions.  You will be seen, and I will share with you what I see in front of me. In my experience, being “seen” translates into being acknowledged and accepted.  Powerful experiences that we somehow believe we grow out of  – but we don’t.   I’m here to see you.

There will be comfort and discomfort, on repeat

I never “lead” with this one…but let’s be honest – we need to work hard together to move you towards new understanding and to develop new tools and coping skills. This requires examining parts of us and of our lives that create discomfort.  It’s not easy work, but it’s worthwhile.  When we work it through once and come through to the other side with new understandings, you’ll never want to live any differently.

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