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I know this works…

Sometimes I wonder if I chose this work, or if it chose me.  Like a pair of comfy slippers or the most delicious cup of hot coffee, my work is something that simply feels good to me.  It’s certainly not easy, it challenges my head and my heart on the regular – but within me is a “knowing” that I can offer help.  Which is why I love my work and how I stay energized, grounded and confident.  Here are just a few of the things I have come to know as true about the support I offer.

First, I know “seeing you” fully is the primary goal of each session.  This might sound simple at first, but the “seeing” is much deeper than you might imagine. It is grounded in one of the core conditions of my approach – in “therapy” language we call this “unconditional positive regard.”  This means that I sit across from you and see you as fully capable as I continually stretch into an empathic space where I can connect to your emotion.  I feel deep respect for every person I support, and I will do all I can to convey this to you.

Second, over ten years of counselling I have mastered the art of “dropping out of your story” and into the space that runs just below it.  This space, is where your story truly resides with all the feelings, judgements, false beliefs and hard truths swirling around.  As I sit across from you, I am listening to your story on a deeper level, where the opportunity for new insight exists and where I can support both big and small shifts in your perspective.

Finally, I learn with you, and from you.  Do you have any idea how many book suggestions, podcasts and courses I have been introduced to by people like you?  I am a consumer of all things “self development” and wellness and I am on a constant quest for new tools and skills to develop as well as knowledge and awareness. I describe my approach as person-centered and non-directive – that is, until it is time for us to develop some new insights and tools.  This is where I kick into more of a “coach or teacher” to help build your capacity by suggesting strategies to put into practice.  I believe that in this complex life – stepping into your story is important, understanding your feelings is empowering, and when these translate into new behaviors and skills for living your best life…this is where the magic happens.

I’m stopping at three (not because I’m finished) but because I’ve shared enough about what I know to be true about how I will show up intentionally for you. I’m here for you when you are ready because here’s one last tip:  there isn’t a waitlist.  I keep a half day open a week for “new clients” so we can typically get started within a week because I know that if you are booking the appointment, now is exactly the right time to start.

Take care,

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